Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Favorite Baby Items up to 9 Months

Throughout this journey of motherhood, I've relied heavily upon my friends advice on which baby items to spend a little extra on and which ones it doesn't matter. So I thought I would pass on my list of favorites that have worked really well for our family over the past 9 months, especially now that Cole is getting more into the toddler phase.

1) Invest in a nice highchair. I originally purchased a wooden high chair that was supposed to grow with your child and be oh so useful... wrong. It was so difficult to get him in and out of and the fact that it was fabric meant I had to wash it FREQUENTLY. Because lets be honest, what baby doesn't get their crackers, food, and juice all over the place at least once a day? So needless to say, we quickly invested in a more logically high chair. The BEST decision! I wish I would have had this chair when he was only months old so that he could have sat at the table with us and reclined while we ate. Although it comes with a steep price tag, I HIGHLY recommend saving up for the Peg Perego Siesta. I can't even think of one complaint. Definitely a keeper!

Peg Perego Siesta

2) Baby Einstein Activity Jumper! This toy keeps Cole occupied in the mornings when he first wakes up. Now that he's mobile he's not interested in staying in one spot for very long, but it has been a life saver up until this point. He's played so long in his Einstein that he's literally crashed. Sweet baby!

3) Itzy Ritzy Grocery Cart Cover. I received this as a shower gift and am just now able to use it. I LOVE it. And so does Cole! It has places to attach a few toys so when I'm grocery shopping, he can still be playing; yet, I'm not in fear that his toys are getting thrown at the lady behind me or all over the floor.  It has padding which makes those hard carts more comfortable for your babe and you don't have to worry about what germs he may be picking up while you're in there. PLUS, it can be used on restaurant high chairs as well. Bonus! 

4) Summer Sharp Sight HD Baby Monitor. I originally thought I wanted a different monitor, but this monitor has exceeded my expectations. After having to send my original monitor in for a 6-8 week repair, I snatched this one up at my local BuyBuyBaby so that I could sleep knowing I could still monitor my babe from across the house. This monitor has spectacular imaging! During the daytime I would definitely categorize it as "HD." The night vision is not as detailed, but still much easier to see things than my original Levana monitor. I have yet to find something I don't like about this monitor. Definitely one I would recommend to someone who is looking.  

5) This was listed under my favorites list before, and I'll mention it again. I LOVE my stroller!!! Click here to read more about it. I love my stroller even more now after experiencing it through airports, big cities and small towns. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my stroller!

6) Beaba Baby Spoons! I received some of these as part of a gift, and they are by far Cole's favorite spoons. I'm not sure why he prefers them over others, but every time I use these to feed him he always eats more and is less irritated about the process. He also loves to chew on them after he finishes eating. I think the silicone shape feels good on his teething gums. Needless to say, we wash these spoons frequently. 

7) VonBon Feather Blanket. I have loved VonBon since the day Cole was born. They make great products, but I especially love their feather blankets. The extra thought and care that is put into their products is evident during the day to day use. Cole and I both love the feel, durability, and versatility of these blankets. They are the first ones I grab out of the drawer. I even used them when we were in Chicago as a changing pad when I had to change his diaper on the floor (Chicago is NOT baby friendly. I found ONE place that had changing tables. Thankfully I always carried these blankets with me so little guy didn't have to lay down on the dirty ground just to get a clean bum.) I wish they came in more colors and designs, but the black and grey feathers are perfect for any gender. So cute and practical. I also love how they are slightly oversized. Perfect for the baby/toddler transition.

8) Kickee Pants Jammies. Again, a staple in our home. Cole seems to get heat rashes easily and the Kickee Pant Jammies allow his skin to breathe enough that no rashes have ever occurred. They are so incredibly soft and their patterns are fun. We love Kickee Pants in this house! The perfect baby gift idea!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

8 Months Old

Little Cole is 8 months old! The joy and excitement he brings to our whole family is unmatchable. You always smile, no matter how you feel or what's happening. You love life! 

Cole LOVES peas. And peaches. He has a little left on his chin here. Ha!

The "please stop taking pictures now, mama" look.
I finally got a picture of him sneezing. He is adorable when he sneezes, but until now I've never been quick enough to capture it. Oh those fists. Too cute!

Who knew Walmart could be so fun?! 

Crackers. Cole loves crackers!

"Master Cole" got his first package in the mail from Uncle Jason and Aunt Chelsea! They sent him Mickey goodies all the way from Disney World. He was pretty excited!

Someones up to no good in Daddy's office. That face just screams ornery!

Bath time shenanigans!

Cole got his first cold this month. Poor baby got it BAD. His Daddy and I were trading off sleeping so one of us could hold him two nights in a row bc he was gasping for air. Talk about scary. It's hard to see your baby be sick. Thankful it's over and his little smile is back!
Cole's favorite thing to do is visit Daddy and the football players. If we get there in time, Cole goes out with Daddy during the stretch lines and gets to encourage the football boys before they start practice. [He literally cries when we make him leave... little does he know this will be his life for YEARS]

An example of his crying fit as I'm leaving practice. Whomp Whomp. Good news, I finally got a picture of his new little tooth!! 
Mr. Ornery has figured out how to open the shutters. I'm. In. Trouble.
A boy and his dog doing a little front porch sittin'

After his first wreck... Yes, you read that correctly. I was rear-ended heading to the grocery store. It wasn't bad, and little Cole behaved himself very well! All the excitement wore him out...

He plays so hard in his Baby Einstein that he literally falls asleep. Sweet baby!
 [Yes, he's eating puffs on the floor. No, he doesn't to that regularly. Some days you just have to do what you have to do to get dinner made]
Snuggling with momma during nap time. Momma's favorite! =)

8 Month Measurements

Height: 28 inches (ish- doing this at home is not for the faint of heart)  
Weight: 22.5 lbs 
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Light Brown

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Frozen Baby Snacks

Ever since Cole started teething, I've had a difficult time getting him to eat solid foods. He seems to lose interest quickly and some days only desires his bottle. After talking with a fellow momma, she recommended I try freezing small bite size amounts of his baby food. So I got to work.

I pulled out a cookie sheet, some wax paper, zip-lock baggie (or icing bag would work as well) and his baby food (gerber or homemade would work).  I put his food in the baggie and then cut off the corner and started dropping little bit size amounts on the waxed paper. Once my cookie sheet was full, I popped it in the freezer. A few hours later, my snack bites were ready to eat!
Left: Peas // Right: Spinach Raspberry Yogurt

Cole devoured his frozen bites!

A fun and easy snack for mom, yet a healthy and nutrious snack for baby boy. If you all have teething babes, I highly recommend trying this.

[Note: be careful about the size you freeze and give your child-- no one wants choking babes]

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

7 Months Old

Cole is 7 months old! How fast time is flying by. This month was especially CRAZY around our house. Cole had many "firsts" this month too. He attended his first football event on the turf with his Daddy. 

He was able to hang out with Uncle Jason for a few weeks before he moved to Mississippi. [If that face doesn't say it all... He LOVES his Uncle Jason]
Cole learned to crawl.... backwards. Still working on the forward progress. 

He listened to his Daddy sing and play guitar. 

Cole got his first cowboy hat and boots with his Papaw! Stud muffin. 
Cole rode his first airline flight! Yippee!! It was a breeze with this little man. He didn't cry or fuss a bit on any of the flights. He became a little traveler this month. We spent two weeks flying from city to city for back to back weddings. First, his cousin got married in downtown Chicago. So we stayed a few extra days to explore the city and relax a bit. 

He got his first life-size Mickey Mouse!!! Obviously, a big deal. I mean can you see that look on his face?! 

He rode his first marry-go-round while we were in Chicago.
And he slept through Pizza Date night with Mom and Dad. [We greatly appreciated your thoughtfulness, sweet son]
He slept through our family Italian dinner. Uncle Jason to the rescue! =)
He walked the Magnificent Mile!  
And giggled his way through downtown Chicago. He was so much fun and such a trooper! He was passed around a LOT... yet he smiled and went to anyone that snatched him up. [Which this momma was very grateful for lots of family around, as I was in the ER up until hours before our first flight took off with bursitis. NO fun!]
Up up and away! Off to Mississippi we go for Uncle Jason and Aunt Chelsea's wedding!!
Cole got his first piano lesson from his Aunt Chelsea's second momma, Mrs Tricia. Obviously, he loved, loved Mrs Tricia! [And for the record, she can play the piano better than ANYONE I've ever heard. Such a sweet heart she has as well. We loved being guests in her home for the evening.]
Cole and Daddy at Uncle Jason's rehearsal dinner. I personally am crazy about his Mickey Mouse bow tie and red suspenders. 
 Cole was an honorary ring bearer in his Uncle Jason and Aunt Chelsea's wedding. His little tux was precious. [Still waiting for wedding pictures to get back... once I do I'll upload more of the wedding]
And even after sleeping in hotel cribs for two weeks, he was still all smiles as we drove to New Orleans to fly back home. Oh sweet baby, never lose your positive outlook on life. You bring so much joy to everyone you meet. 
We love you, little Cole!!

7 Month Measurements

Height: [Sadly, I didn't get measurements this month.. whomp whomp] 
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Light Brown

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